Don't be Held for Ransom

Cybersecurity for Businesses

Texas Propane January 2018
It is no secret that 80% of an organization's business processes are automated (in any industry). Dr. Murray was interviewed for Propane Magazine for the January 2018 edition by Judy L. Machman. There is a link to the original article provided for those that would like to review it!

Join Dr. Murray and other experts as they provide information to be considered by businesses of all types and sizes. Topics covered are relevant to areas where business owners and operators should focus efforts to ensure they don't fall victim to cyber attacks. Learn about the most common attack methods, phishing, bluetooth vulnerabilities and ransomware as well as some of the resources available for businesses to consider in combatting these threats.

Here is a link to the original article: "Don't be Held for Ransom"

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